How to Prevent Anemia Naturally and Powerfull

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In this time, I will give you an information about how to prevent anemia naturally.

Do you know anemia?

Anemia is a abnormal condition people, who Hb (Hemoglobin) in body less than normal.

Anemia also happen to another people also you. It causes by iron deficiency. It will be more less Hb for our body.Then, how to prevent anemia?.

To know it, you can read in under.

How to prevent anemia naturally

1. Eat spinach

Spinach contains a lot of iron, salt, phosphates, vitamins A, Vitamin C, and also vitamin K.

Take a half handful of spinach leaves. Thenrinse, and finely milled. Next, add a half cup of boiled water.

Having just squeezed and filtered to take water, add a chicken egg yolk and 1 tablespoon honey. Stir the mixture until blended.

These ingredients for a drink, do 2 × a day.

2. Eat beaf

Do you know? That beef also contain lot of iron, it can cope anemia.

3. Green beans

This type of beans contain vitamins B1, vitamin B12, and also contain niacin.

Ways to make a prevent anemia , prepare 1 cup green beans.Then washed. After that mixed with 2 cups water, boil until the remaining approximately ¾ of his.

After the luke warm, drink boiled water it. Drink it 2x a day.

This is a information for you about how to prevent anemia naturally. May be useful to you and also for me.

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